Femage works with the most vulnerable who face significant barriers that stop them from getting training and access into long term employment. We cater for the most marginalised and vulnerable in the society . People we support include but are not limited to Women, Migrants, Trafficked victims, Homeless , Mental health, Disabled,Offenders and the Long term Unemployed.

Femage Employment Support Services is focused on providing skills , training and employment opportunities for the long term unemployed, young people, vulnerable people with Mental health/ disability. We offer Skills, Training ,employability consultancy and job opportunity prospects to assist people align employment goals and help them out of poverty. We bring leading expertise into individual career and employment objectives and can help by clarifying thinking in respect to issues of getting into durable employment by helping clients to improve employability skills through training, learning and upskilling. Our style of delivery is highly practical, relevant and immediately applicable to work context. We confine ourselves to ideas, methods and techniques that are of realistic value and work within the concept that there are definite universal success principles which are applicable to everyone and to every industry. We are focused on helping clients improve their employment chances and improving their life. We focus on

Goal setting and achievement

Clear communication, Proper planning and time management

Inspiring client with a positive mental attitude

Projecting the right body Image and changing misconceptions

Building and manage relationships

Build confidence and remove Low confidence

Changing the ‘Cannot do’ learnt attitudes and behaviours

Refining existing skills and learning new ones

Improvement of knowledge regarding new and emerging occupations

Remove beliefs and myths and barriers relating to employment

Direct support in developing ICT skills